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Breaking even one of these rules is enough to be demoted to Trialist, and if necessary you will be removed from the outfit.

Overall Conduct

  • Respect every single member of the outfit.
  • Do not show the outfit in a negative light.
  • Do not cheat or hack in any way.
  • Obey the chain of command – outfit ranks are there for a reason.
  • During operations, battle-comms are to be observed.

Voice Comms

  • TeamSpeak 3 & a microphone is required.
  • Always join our TeamSpeak server when online during normal play.
  • Use “Push-to-Talk”. We don't want to hear you breathing, eating or singing.
  • Do not talk over people, especially the Squad Leaders.
  • Do not whine, whinge or create a negative environment on our voice server.

Organised Play

  • “Clear comms” - Usually called by the squad leader. Everybody stops talking.
  • “Battle comms” - Usually called by the squad leader. Casual chatter stops. Focus on the task at hand.
  • “Casual comms” - Only called by the squad leader. Casual chatter is all good to go.
  • Calling enemy locations can be essential, but you must differentiate between what is necessary and what is not.
  • Mostly spotting enemies with the “Q” key is all you need. But, if enemies are taking down objectives, approaching in force or flanking, you must let the squad know.
  • Inside bases, you must use location names. That can be capture points, defendable objectives or entrances which are all good indicators of location. Remember to be quick and clear.
  • When fighting combat outside, it is necessary to use the compass to indicate location.

Squad Play

  • Look for the squad in the list before asking the squad leader for an invite.
  • What the squad leader says, goes. We work as a team. You do not go off and do your own thing.
  • When the squad leader calls for a redeploy, do it instantly.
  • Wait on the deployment screen until told where to spawn.
  • When redeploying to the warpgate, Alpha always regroup on the right air pad and Bravo on the left.
  • Don't bail from the Galaxy because we're taking damage, unless the SL says so. The Galaxy can take a fair beating.
  • Don’t run off from the objective unless asked to do so.
  • Only drop when the SL/Pilot gives the order unless instructed otherwise.

Squad Leaders

  • If you are new to INI, you may not SL during Prime Time without being asked.
  • Senior SL’s can take over at any time.
  • Again - Do not show the outfit in a negative light.
  • Do not go AFK as the squad or platoon leader. Hand it over before you idle.
  • Enable Squad recruitment, follow the guide here.
  • If you can’t remain calm and speak to people in a respectful manner, hand over SL to someone else.
  • Always try to acquire an AMS, and at least ensure a beacon is placed when combat begins.
  • If time, ensure you destroy enemy Sunderers and Spawn Beacons before anything else.

Streaming & Recording

  • Do not record audio/video without announcing it
  • Do not stream without permission
  • Do not stream voice comms

Outfit Events

  • It's imperative that you sign up for the events on our website.
  • PRIME TIME is currently 1900-2200 GMT
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