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This will walk you trough the basics of setting up Teamspeak.

Push to talk

Push-to-talk on teamspeak is highly recommended. So use an easy (mouse button?) hot-key. You can find it in the teamspeak settings.

Voice Activation

Don't use voice activation as it picks up background noise, breathing and keyboards. This is annoying and can lead to 'embarrassment' when it picks up something it shouldn't.

Disable whisper notify

Go to 'Settings → Options' (or Alt+P). Click on the 'Whisper' section. make sure 'Always show whisper history when receiving a whisper' is off.

Whisper sound

Download the custom radio beep (squawk) sound here: whisper_notify.wav. You should copy it to the correct soundpack folder in c:\program files\teamspeak 3 client\sound\???

Whisper lists & channel commander

Read about setting up for channel commander here: whisper_setup

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