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This guide will walk you through the steps to set up TeamSpeak 3 Channel Commander and whisper lists.

TeamSpeak 3 'whisper lists' allow you to set up multiple lists of clients, channels or groups to which you are able to whisper to, using a defined push-to-talk hotkey.

In the outfit, we use whisper lists and the channel commander feature to be able to split all the squad members in different channels, while allowing the platoon and squad leaders to still communicate over a 'channel command' channel.

Disable 'whisper show whisper notify'

Make sure to disable this option.

  • In the TeamSpeak client go to the menu 'Settings → Options'
  • Find the 'Whisper' tab. Make sure to check off 'Always show whisper history when receiving a whisper'.
  • Apply changes and close the option window by clicking on 'Ok'

Changing the default 'whisper' sound

If you don’t like the default ‘whisper’ sound (the sound you hear before a whisper from another channel/commander or 'pssst') comes in, you can replace it with a better radio beep (squawk sound).

You can download an alternative here: whisper_notify.wav

Place this file in the location you installed Teamspeak to (it will vary):
C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\sound\default
C:\Program Files (x86)\Teamspeak 3 Client\sounds\default
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\TeamSpeak 3 Client
You can rename the old ‘whisper_notify.wav’ to something else or overwrite it if you don’t want to keep the default as a backup.

How to set yourself as a channel commander?

If you want to be able to hear the channel commander communication, you need to set yourself als a 'channel commander' in teamspeak.

It's easy, just right click on your own name on teamspeak. There should be a 'Channel Commander' option. Once set, the bullet before your name should change from blue to orange.

Note: setting yourself as a channel commander only allows you to HEAR the command channel. You'll need to set up a whisper list and bind a push-to-talk hot-key to be able to SPEAK in the command channel (see next section).

Setting up the channel commander whisper lists:

Follow the next steps to create a new whisper list:

  • In the TeamSpeak client go to the menu 'Tools → Whisper Lists' (or click Ctrl+Shift+W)
  • Click the 'New' button in the bottom.

You will have to choose a 'push-to-talk' button now. Choose something which does not conflict with any current push-to-talk button (Ie. normal teamspeak talk or in-game voice)

Now, you are presented with some options for your new whisper list.

Use the following options:

  • Hotkey: should be the hot-key you have chosen
  • Reply Hotkey: No hotkey assigned
  • Whisper to: Groups
  • Group Whisper Type: Channel Commander
  • Group Whisper Target: All Channels

If you want, you can rename this whisper list using the 'rename' button.

Also remember: do NOT use the channel commander for chit-chat / fun talk. Use short and clear orders. This way, channel commander won't conflict with the squad talk inside channels.

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