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  • Ammunition Package 6​
  • Tank Mines 2​
  • Claymores 2​
  • C4 2 (optional)
  • Nano Armour Kit 5​
  • One or More:
    • Nanoweave Level 5​
    • Flak Level 5​
    • Advanced Shield Capacitor 5​
Primary Weapon Pistol Grenade
Standard 1 LC3 Jaguar + Adv Laser + SPA Commissioner + Laser Dot Frag
Standard 2 LC2 Lynx + Adv Laser + SPA Commissioner + Laser Dot Frag
Ranged 1 Trac 5-S + UBGL + HVA Commissioner + Laser Dot Frag
Ranged 2 T5 AMC + Adv Foregrip + HVA Commissioner + Laser Dot Frag

Loadout Slots:

Utility Slot

  • Medical Kit
    Wasted Certpoints when Medic is around
  • Restoration Kit
    Wasted Certpoints when Medic is around

Tool Slot

  • Nano Armor Kit
    Max this one out, this is the most important cert for the engineer class and in the heat of the moment, every second matters!

Ability Slot

  • Ammunition Package
    Max it out. You don't need to have it in a slot as you can use the pack available from the turret slot.
  • MANA Turret
    Can be switched to be an AmmoPack by pressing “B”. Add Certs into this if you have them to spare.

Suit Slot

  • Advanced Shield Capacitor
    Damage and depleted shields recharge faster.
  • Ammunition Belt
    More ammo. Not worth it if you've got an engineer in your squad. Oh wait, you are an engineer!
  • Flak Armor - Useful while repairing Vehicles and in heavy fighting. Reduces Damage from Explosions.
  • Grenade Bandolier
    Feels like a waste of certs. For only 600 certs this will give you 2 extra grenades in your pocket.
  • Nanoweave Armor
    Raw HP increases. The best upgrade in most situations – expensive, yes, but 25% health increase means you’ll survive a lot longer, and take an extra bullet. Might not seem a lot, but you’ll die a fair few times less.
  • Utility Pouch
    If you use tank mines a lot, you should cert it up until you have 4 mines at your disposal.


  • Sticky Grenade
    Useful against people popping in and out of spawn shields.
  • Frag Grenade
    Standard issue grenade, DO NOT FORGET to purchase, you always want to have somekind of grenade on you!

Utility Slot

  • Anti-Personnel Mine
    Anti infantry mine, good to use though you seldom take out more than one guy.
  • Tank Mines
    Silent but deadly.
  • C4
    C4 is great, but an engineer should really go for tank mines and anti-personnel mines first


  • LC2 Lynx
    all around pretty good weapon to deal with CQC targets.
  • LC3 Jaguar
    better than the Lynx at long range and just as good in CQC when paired with Adv Laser Sight and SPA
  • Trac5-S
    throw a gren launcher on this, some HV ammo and a scope and you are great at mid-long range.


Careful, rather than going for the kills, keep your eyes open and look around for you to spot any immidiate dangers for nearby allies or flank the enemy. Listen to what your teammates want regarding to repair and ammunition. If there is an enemy sunderer nearby alert your teammates, grab your mines and go blow it up. Sometimes it's a suicide run, sometimes enemy doesn't notice you at all, but it's important to get the sunderer out of the way before reinforcements come in.

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