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Utility Slot

  • Medical Kit (Recommended)
    This is the preferred Item. It works faster than the restoration kit and whilst it costs more, it’s worth it. Wait for the pull-out animation to play before you use it. It bugs out a lot, and that can be a real ball ache.
  • Restoration Kit
    This costs less than the medical kit, but it works slower. Best not to bother with this.

Ability Slot

  • Adrenaline Shield (Recommended)
    This is only recommended at max rank (2250 cert points total). For each kill you receive 20% of your overshield back, and the total recharge time without replenishment is 60 seconds. In general this is the best shield to use in public play, though against higher skill opponents it can be better to go for Nanite Mesh Generator.
  • Nanite Mesh Generator
    At max rank Nanite Mesh Generator reducing the total overshield recharge time to 45 seconds.
  • Resist Shield
    The resist shield does not decrease as damage is taken, and at lower ranks is still effective. It reduces incoming damage by 45%, it does not stack with Nanoweave or Flak armour, and it does not block the damage from headshots. Against any opponent who can remotely aim, this is a bad choice.

Suit Slot

  • Advanced Shield Capacitor
    Some may prefer this, however the shield recharge time is irrelevant from when you start getting shot till when you or the other guy is dead. If you have time for this to be worth it, you probably have time to wait a little longer.
  • Ammunition Belt
    More ammo. Not worth it if you've got an engineer in your squad.
  • Flak Armour
    Situational, could be worth it but only if you're being peppered by HE.
  • Grenade Bandolier
    Useful if you are awesome at bouncing grenades.
  • Munitions Pouch
    More rockets. Not worth it if you've got an engineer in your squad.
  • Nanoweave Armour
    Raw HP increases. The best upgrade in most situations – expensive, yes, but 25% health increase means you’ll survive a mine blast on full health, and take an extra bullet. Might not seem a lot, but you’ll die a fair few times less.


  • Anti-Vehicle Grenade
    Useful against MAXes mainly. CAn help against vehicles, but no match for a rocket.
  • Concussion Grenade
    These should be in every loadout. They slow down your mouse aim and your movement speed and cause a blurry effect. These are best used in a run and gun config or during entry actions as you need to take advantage of the enemies reduced turning speed. In team fights, these can be a decider. Furthermore, these enable HA's to take on Scat MAXes which is invaluable.

Utility Slot

  • C4 Explosives
    The HA offers so much damage potential that living longer should be a priority. Best suited for Light Assaults.


Primary Weapons
  • T9 Carv
    Decent choice - Use 1x, Laser Dot & Flash Suppresor.
  • T9 Carv-S
    Recoil is slightly higher and damage is slightly lower than the default T9 Carv, but comes with a wider range of available attachments.
  • MSW-R
    It has better accuracy than the old T9-Carv and a higher rate of fire, it makes up for a smaller mag by having a faster reload time. With a Foregrip or the Advanced Laser Dot the gun is extremely accurate. Being able to strafe rather than scope indoors is very beneficial.
  • T16 Rhino
    It's not the fastest firing, nor the highest damage. What is does have however, is the best projectile speed & the least recoil. Furthermore, this can be outfitted with an Advanced Foregrip and High Velocity Ammo. With those two attached, it become hideously accurate, and you'll find yourself barely having to lead targets. This is my choice of outdoors weapon, and it can even handle a silencer.
  • TMG-50
    Slow, heavy hitting but longer TTK than everything else.
  • AS16 Nighthawk
    This gun has the fasts TTK of all TR guns at point blank, however it has such a short range that its utility is limited. If you like it, get the extended mag.
  • TS4 Haymaker
    Standard semi-auto shotty. It has a larger magazine, however if your aim is bad use something else.
  • FA1 Barrage
    Has a smaller bullet spread which gives it the slightly longer range necessary for CQB. Doesn't fire as fast as the Nighthawk. Semi-Auto helps when using a shotty as hitting every shot is important.
Rocket Launchers
  • Grounder
    Arguably the most versatile option of the various rocket launchers available to the Heavy Assault. It locks on to aircraft, but is also able to be dumb-fired against ground vehicles and infantry (or MAXes in particular). A direct hit will cause 1500 damage which will kill infantry and significantly damage a MAX.
  • Skep
    Similar to the grounder, but locking to ground vehicles as opposed to aircraft. Considering hitting aircraft is harder than ground vehicles with dumb-fire rockets, the Grounder is arguably the better all-round option.
  • Decimator
    The highest damage per round rocket launcher available, at 2000dmg, but also long reload and relatively few rockets (4) in total by default. Capable of destroying an ESF in one single rocket. The better option for close quarter indoor use i.e. for dealing with enemy MAXes.
  • ML-7
    Slightly toned down version of the Decimator. Less damage, but quicker reload time.
  • Annihilator
    Pure lock-on, but relatively low damage per rocket. Capable of locking on to both air and ground vehicles.
  • Striker
    TR only variant of the Annihilator. Its lack of ability to be dumb-fired makes it a somewhat situational option.


You're the badass, the one that fears nothing. The HA is the first one into battle and the one that does the most killing. You still need to keep your wits about you, but with your shield you'll have a better chance of surviving than any other class (bar the MAX).

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