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  • Advanced Equipment Terminal Hacking 5​
  • Hunter Cloak 5​
  • Claymores 2​
  • Recon Detect Device 5​
  • EMP Grenades
  • One or More:
    • Nanoweave 5​
    • Flak Armor 5​
    • Advanced Shield Capacitor 5​


Primary Weapon Pistol Grenade
Loadout 1 Gun Pistol Grenade
Loadout 2 Gun Pistol Grenade
Loadout 3 Gun Pistol Grenade

Loadout Slots

Utility Slot

  • Medical Kit
    Fills your health back to 100%. As an Infiltrator it's not unlikely you will be separated from the squad at times (e.g. flanking solo or sniping from an elevated position), which means you may not have a friendly Combat Medic to heal or revive you. For these situations being able to replenish your health is vital.
  • Claymore
    Directional effect, unlike the NC and VS counterparts, but longer range of effect. Will usually kill any non-MAX infantry. A useful function of the claymore to keep in mind is its ability to alert the infiltrator where there is hostile activity.

Tool Slot

  • Recon Dart
    Incredibly important support tool that comes as default with the Infiltrator class. A dart will reveal all enemy movement within its range for the duration of around 1 minute. This can be used for scouting areas that will be assaulted, or defensively to provide information where the enemy is assaulting when in a defending situation. As an Infiltrator in INI Elite you are expected to keep up darts continously whenever in combat.

Ability Slot

Suit Slot


  • EMP grenade
    Enemies caught in the area of effect of a EMP grenade will have their shield drained and vision distored. Unlike for example the concussion grenade, the EMP will not detonate on impact, but rather detonate on a timer, like the regular frag grenade. The suggested grenade of choice for Infiltrators in INI Elite
  • Decoy grenade
    Not a tool we use regularly in INI Elite, but could potentially be useful in the right situation.

Utility Slot



Keep up recon darts for your squad at all times, and be smart about where you are deploying them. Use your cloak ability to move unseen into advantageous positions where you can strike at an enemy squads' weak spot. Your primary targets should be reviving/healing medics and repairing engineers. Keep in mind, once you've engaged the enemy, a coordinated squad will be aware of your presence, so be sure to have an exit strategy ready.

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