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  • Jump Jets 6​
  • Nanoweave 5​
  • Flash Grenade​
  • C4 Level 2​


Primary Weapon Pistol Grenade Utility
Loadout 1 Carbine Pistol Flashbang C4
Loadout 2 Shotty Pistol Flashbang C4

Loadout Slots

Utility Slot

  • Medical Kit
    No reason to spend certpoints here, the medic in the squad will heal you. C4 is what you want to certs in!
  • Restoration Kit
    No reason to spend certpoints here, the medic in the squad will heal you. C4 is what you want to certs in!

Ability Slot

  • Jump Jets
    Upgrades add fuel and increases rechargerate.
  • Drifter Jump Jets
    Increased horizontal movement, less vertical. Very Situational.

Suit Slot

  • Advanced Shield Capacitor
    Damage and depleted shields recharge faster.
  • Flak Armor
    Reduces damage from explosions.
  • Grenade Bandolier
    Provides extra support grenades.
  • Nanoweave Armor
    Raw HP increases. The best upgrade in most situations.
  • Ammunition Belt
    More ammo. Not worth it if you've got an engineer in your squad.


  • Flash Grenade
    Covers the screen of whoever is standing close with white. Good for clearing rooms. Sound is unaffected.
  • Smoke Grenade
    Flash grenades are generally better.

Utility Slot

  • C4 - LA is the best class to utilize the C4 as they have the easiest time to get up close to vehicles. The C4 is a central part of LA and it is something that is priority to unlock. One block of C4 will bring all land vehicles to 50 – 75% health except the flash and sunderer. Two blocks will destroy all land vehicles except the sunderer, sunderers will have about 10% health left and will be burning, so if you leave it alone it will be destroyed.


Weapon choice depends on playstyle and situation.


As LA your obvious advantage is mobility. Using you can flank, distract, ambush. You can reach high places like the antennas and towers which give good opportunity to survey your surroundings and make it easy to spot sunderers and other enemy movement.

Always try to get behind enemies you engage,

Try and stay above, going on rooftops, trees anything that lets you be above the action.

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