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  • Onslaught
    With the highest rate of fire the option with the highest potential damage per second (dps) is the Onslaught, at 1025 dps up to 10m range. (This is of course a highly theoretical value though, as it assumes every bullet will hit. That said though it is still interesting data to consider, as 3 of the cyclers have identical cone of fires and should behave similarly) The Onslaught however have the steepest drop in damage as range increases, dropping to 820dps at 50m. The Onslaught also sports the quickest reload at 2.2/2.8s.
  • Mercy
    The Mercy stand out as the most accurate option, and the superior choice in ranged engagements. This is further reinforced by the Mercy having the highest bullet speed (550m/s) and no drop in damage as range increases (887dps at all ranges, again assuming all bullets hit). As one would expect though, this comes with the drawback that the highest potential dps is the lowest of the four weapons at close range. However, one has to consider a lower spread means more bullets will hit, resulting in higher actual dps. The Mercy has the smallest magazine size at 50 rounds (and ammo pool as well, 350 in total).
  • Mutilator
    What sets the Mutilator apart is the huge magazine size at 100 rounds (none of the other options have larger than 60 round magazines), and therefor also the largest ammo pool (700 rounds in total). This comes at a cost of having the slowest reload, but with the magazine size in mind it should arguably not be a concern in most situations. Otherwise the Mutilator is largely identical to the Heavy Cycler.
  • Heavy Cycler
    The default weapon, the Heavy Cycler does not really stand out in any particular way. It shares the position for highest damage per bullet at all ranges, but like the Mutilator, also has the lowest rate of fire(400rpm). Reload speed is fairly quick, but still slightly slower than the Mercy. Magazine size and ammo pool is identical to the to the Onslaught at 60 and 420, respectively. Perhaps the Heavy Cycler ends up somewhat uninteresting in comparison, but arguably it's not a poor choice either.


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