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  • Nano-Regen Device 6​
  • Medical Applicator 6​
  • C4 Level 2​
  • One or More:​
    • Nanoweave 5​
    • Flak Level 5​
    • Advanced Shield Capacitor 5​
  • One or More:​
    • Revive Grenade​
    • Healing Grenade​


Loadout Slots

Utility Slot

  • Medical Kit
    You're a medic, there is no point in wasting certs here.
  • Restoration Kit
    You're a medic, there is no point in wasting certs here.

Tool Slot

  • Medical Applicator
    A medics best friend. this is the most important certification you will ever spend points in, there is no excuse for not having this maxed out and should be a first priority to cert in.

Ability Slot

  • Nano-Regen Device
    A medics second best friend. Also this one is vital for a medics success on the battlefield. This should be the second priority to spend CP in.

Suit Slot

  • Advanced Shield Capacitor
    Damage and depleted shields recharge faster, can't see a reason to use this. Hide and press F, wish that the gods are with you.
  • Flak Armor
    Reduces damage from explosions, this one however I find could be useful I mean who doesn't hate to be naded or killed by HE tanks!
  • Grenade Bandolier
    Feels like a waste of certs. For only 600 certs this will give you 2 extra grenades in your pocket
  • Nanoweave Armor
    Raw HP increases. The best upgrade in most situations – expensive, yes, but 25% health increase means you’ll survive alot longer, and take an extra bullet. Might not seem a lot, but you’ll die a fair few times less.
  • Ammunition Belt
    More ammo. Not worth it if you've got an engineer in your squad.


  • Nanite Healing Grenade
    It is a AOE healing device with two benefits, it heals alot of people at the same time over time and you don't have to be close to the ones you heal as long as you can throw far enough.
  • Nanite Revive Grenade
    This grenade is always useful, it costs its fair share of resources but it is damn well worth it. This awesome medic device also has AOE but this one resurrects fellow brothers in arms instead of healing them. It can result in shedloads of XP and it can change the outcome of a fight! If you plan on going full out medic this is the grenade for you!

Utility Slot


  • TAR
    Considered by many players to be the best infantry weapon in the game.
  • T1S Cycler
    The Medic's choice of weapon for a Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher. Very useful in a defensive situation, you'll have to rely on a friendly engineer to supply ammunition.


The Combat Medic's primary role is obviously to the squad alive, however as a medic in INI Elite you must also be able to use your primary weapon. If you are not currently reviving or healing your assault rifle should be in your hands, ready to open fire. Stay behind MAXes and HA's during assaults to let the sturdier units soak up incoming damage. Resurrect your squad mates as long as your own survivability is not at immediate risk, trading a medic for another infantry unit is usually not desirable. A revive grenade can be used for distance revives where moving to the target would be impossible. Inform your revive target if he is likely to be under fire when he goes back in action. In INI Elite we usually call this a “Hot res”.

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